When you furnish a single room in your waterfront estate or build a new home away from home, you want the space to be attractive, comfortable and functional.

Whether you are looking for a style that lets you escape to a slower and simpler time without sacrificing the modern conveniences, or a sumptuous mansion filled with family antiques and the latest accessories, having us guide you ensures that all of the colors, textures, furniture, art and accessories reflect your personal taste and fit your lifestyle.

At Idée Chic Design, our impeccable sense of style combined with a variety of proven resources guaranties that with our help your private quarters, or the entire vacation estate, will reflect your vision, and will transform the place to be admired, cherished, and longed to be invited to.

We offer a complimentary session at our studio to discuss your project and provide the insight on how we can assist you with your quest.

View our Residential page for a list of services we offer and a complimentary session.